How to Sign up for a Free Account at OfficeLive

Microsoft Office Live, which is basically a full featured web based automation tool for the small business. The services┬áprovided consist of a domain name, personalized and the customized email account along with a hosting website. This tool is very best for the small business purpose, so let’s check out how you can sign up for a free account at Office Live.

First of all you need to visit the site in the address bar and then click on the option go. As soon as you click on Go, the Live Office website opens up and here you just needs to create a new account instantly, but it will be wise to read the terms carefully so that you don’t regret later. The Main features of this tool include advanced features like email systems, accounting software tools, shopping cart integration, and project management software.

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First you need to create a trial account, creating an account basically is a free. All you need to do is to just click on the Sign In button which is located at the top right side of the screen. A free account will provide you with some of their free services such as Windows Live Messenger, Hotmail, and other online file storage tools. Follow the instructions for account creation simply by entering all sorts of necessary information like your name, email address, and the like. Now, when the account is created, you just need to sign up for the different services provided by Microsoft Office Live.

So, now when account is created you now need to figure out what sorts of features and services offered by the Microsoft Office Live. You can trial for the applications for a period of 30 days wherein you can test the applications the way you like them. One of the most popular services and features that are highlighted ones are like document manager and the team workspace which are basically designed to share the documents, project and team workspace. The more popular services and features that you may want to focus on is the Document Manager and Team Workspace which are typically designed to share projects and files across its online interface to other people you give access to the projects and files. So with so many features this software tool is a must have tool for small business users.

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