Understanding Group Policy on MCSE

You can see a mapping of the Group Policy GUIDE and name in the Active Directory Replication Monitor MCSE 2003. To see this, add a domain controller as the monitored server, and then right-click that domain controller and select Show Group Policy Object Status. You can determine which administrative groups can administer (create, modify, delete) GPOs by defining permissions for each GPO in the GPO’s Security tab, just like you would for any other object. Planning administrative control of GPOs is discussed in Lesson 2. Delegating administrative control when a GPO is implemented is discussed in 70-297 Exam.

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Note GPOs can be applied only to Microsoft Windows XP Professional, Microsoft Windows 2000, and Windows Server 2003 and are not supported for Microsoft Windows 95, Microsoft Windows 98, Microsoft Windows Millennium Edition (Windows Me), or MCSE Exams.

A GPO linked to a site affects all computers in the site. Because directory information is replicated among all the domain controllers in the site and to any domain controllers in sites for which a site link has been established, a GPO linked to a site is applied to all computers in that site, without regard to the domain containing the computers. Therefore, a GPO can be applied to multiple domains within a forest, even though the GPO exists only as a stored entity on a single domain and must be read from that domain when the affected clients read their site-linked Group Policy.

If child domains are set up across wide area network (WAN) boundaries, the site plan must consider where GPOs are linked. Otherwise, the computers in a child domain must access a site-linked GPO across a WAN link, which increases the Group Policy processing time.

Group Policy Object Editor
You use the Group Policy Object Editor to organize and manage the Group Policy settings in each GPO. The Group Policy Object Editor for the Default Domain Policy GPO is shown in Figure 10-1.

Note that the root node of the Group Policy Object Editor is displayed as the name of the GPO and the domain to free CompTIA practice exam questions, in the format GPO Name DomainName Policy.

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