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The MCSE 2003 exam covers a broad range of performance based objectives as defined by MCSE Certifications. Even though the objectives are presented as performance based objectives, to really understand what you’re doing you need to also understand the theory behind it. If you have many years of on the job experience working with NT and have worked a great deal with extra add on software and third party products you may already be familiar with the concepts behind the task-oriented objectives. Otherwise you will derive great benefit from reading and studying one of the myriad of MSCE resources available and taking a practice MCSE 2003 exam or two to make sure you’re really prepared prior to sitting down to take the exam.

At the heart of MCSE 2003 exam preparation is the development of practical skills. This involves more than just knowing everything about the operating system. It requires the knowledge to perform common network administrative tasks. The MSCE 2003 exam is performance based and Microsoft makes that very clear in spelling out the exam objectives in performance based statements.


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Even more so than with the NT exams, it is imperative that you complete practical hands-on exercises and that you take some time to experiment with the software settings and options to see what changes take effect and to gain the practical experience you’ll need to pass the MCSE 2003 exam.

Many of the exam questions will be simple for individuals who have worked with the software but nearly impossible for those who have no hands on experience and haven’t actually performed the tasks covered on the exam. You can read the best books and watch detailed tutorials but there is absolutely no substitute for performing the tasks yourself to gain the practical experience you’ll need.

Microsoft’s target audience for the mcsa exams is professionals who have experience working with medium to large multisite, multidomain NT networks. In addition, there is a presumption that you have mastered the knowledge, concepts, and terminology presented in the Windows NT 4.0 certification exams.

If you don’t have extensive real-world networking experience and you have not already attained the Windows NT MCSE, you should take the extra time to ensure that you are familiar with Microsoft networking concepts, Windows 2000 concepts, and terminology that is peculiar to Microsoft operating systems.

The MCSE 2003 exam is the culmination of Microsoft’s many years of designing, marketing, testing, and improving on the original “Windows” operating system concept. In both Windows NT 4.0 and Windows 2000, the architectural structure is modular using two modes: user and kernel.

Earning your professional certification by passing the MSCE 2003 exam can be very lucrative accomplishment as employers are constantly looking for professionals who have demonstrated competence in the technologies they use. But the more you delay preparing for and taking the mcse exam, the harder it gets – and the more professionals leave you behind by passing the mcse exam so get started today.

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