Oracle ERP – A Unique Combination of Hardware and Software

Oracle ERP Software is the most comprehensive software system at present that integrates all the business functions most effectively, featuring

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a unique combination of hardware and software. This software is engineered to cater the requirements of different types of industries and business processes and has fast gained popularity across the globe.

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Oracle software works on its own database with many advanced features that lead to a strong functioning. It can function efficiently on the global platform and takes least time for installation. Among the financial packages available in market, Oracle Financial package is the best, and the Oracle HRMS module also deserves special praise.

Oracle software provides the best customer support as it hires experts to guide the buyers about the product. Oracle ERP offers specific modules for specific functions and modules of HRMS, finance, planning, production etc. are very popular. It offers the facility to the customers to choose modules as per requirement optimizing the expenses, instead of purchasing unnecessary modules.

Oracle ERP software offers user interfaces of two types. One is called Oracle Self Service Application constituting web features. The other Oracle Forms are used for main financial transactions. These are user-friendly and are similar to the FoxPro and Dbase. Moreover, the Oracle Self Service Application can be configured to use for internet. It can be easily customized and installed quickly than the other available ERP systems. Fast adoption to the legal standards is another vital feature of Oracle ERP. Oracle ERP provides a high level of data security, which cannot be breached easily. Coupled with fast data migration and high security, this software has turned out to be the most reliable and convenient to use.

An organization has to make less investment due to the modular feature of Oracle ERP, who opts for stepwise switchover to ERP system instead of one go. Oracle has a good reputation of providing the best customer services. The reporting tool of this ERP system is another unique feature that makes it stand out from the rest.

Oracle CRM on Demand module is designed as an answer to the SaaS (Software as a Service) industry, which constitutes automation of sales force, marketing and customer support functions. Oracle is well acquainted with the back office automation, and the Oracle CRM can be best integrated with other core ERP applications. The sales force automation system improves the performance of the sales representatives by providing relevant data related to account status, sales orders, contacts, deals etc.

Oracle ERP comes with pre built integrated modules and an integration engine that facilitates the users to integrate the modules with non- Oracle systems.

Oracle ERP system has its limitations with respect to the user interfaces, which lacks the drag and drop features of the standard Windows user interface. Moreover, this ERP system cannot be used with ease when compared to other ERP products.

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