Manage Dual, Multiple Monitors on Windows

So If you’re a hardcore PC user, its no surprise you use Dual monitor or Multimonitor setup for your workplace. The more screens you add, more it can add to your productivity.

However, it gets tricky to manage configuration of these monitors since Windows 7 provides very basic configuration for Dual Monitors and Multiple Monitor setups.

Even though Windows allows you to connect and use more than one monitor at a time with your system, there are no extended options for controlling the dual monitor setup checkout our Ultimate guide to Best Dual, Multi-Monitor Software.
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There is a new app in the market that lets you configure and tinker multiple displays to your needs. Actual Multiple Monitors lets you couple of interesting things.

You can pretty much do a lot with multiple monitors, for instance, applying a different wallpaper on each, changing the primary monitor through a shortcut, mouse cursor wrapping, switching applications between monitors, launch applications on a specified monitor etc. If you want to switch between primary monitors, you have to open the Personalization dialog box and go to the Adjust Resolution option to make the selected monitor your main display.

The Actual Multiple Monitors app runs in the system tray and clicking it reveals some quick toggles and shortcut to other settings. The Monitors Layout and Settings option lets you choose the monitor layout, screen resolution, color quality and screen refresh rate for both the display units. You can also change the display orientation if you keep the monitor in a different orientation, for instance, vertical. The background and Screen Saver options let you change the desktop wallpaper and screen saver related settings.

With other settings that you can get to via Windows Settings, Desktop Divider, Hotkeys, Mouse etc, contains more customizable controls like adding exclusions to the Windows Settings menu for program so that it doesn’t effect specific applications. You can also set hotkeys for all the configurations you would like to have on finger tips.

Actual Multiple Monitors is compatible with all Windows versions including: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

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