C9020-560 IBM Midrange Storage Sales V3

Test information:
Number of questions: 63
Time allowed in minutes: 90
Required passing score: 59%
Languages: English, Japanese

Gather Customer Requirements (32%)
Identify a customer’s storage qualifications.
Identify a customer’s expectations of a new solution.
Given a scenario, demonstrate a conceptual level understanding of existing systems environment.
Identify customers key applications, performance requirements, and pain points and information to propose a solution.
Given a scenario, determine financial justification for system acquisition.
Given a scenario, determine a customer’s growth requirements, upgrade path, and product lifecycle.

Value Proposition (28%)
Given a scenario, identify how an IBM storage solution aligns with customer requirements.
Given a scenario, quantify the business value of IBM storage products’ features and functions and align to business goals.
Compare IBM storage products to customer-installed storage devices and competitive offerings, and identify advantages.
Given a scenario, identify how IBM storage products solve client data management issues.
Identify the value proposition of IBM maintenance, IBM websites, IBM sales tools, and IBM processes.

Determine IBM Solutions / Create Comprehensive Solutions (32%)
Given a scenario, identify the processes and procedures to integrate new solutions into an existing systems environment.
Identify workload characteristics and discuss typical business solutions.
Given a scenario, identify a storage solution that includes multiple products and solves a customer issue.
Identify appropriate resources within IBM or through the business partner channel to develop and close business.
Identify the roles and responsibilities of the business partner or IBM salesperson to use TDA and SAPR to ensure solutions meet the customer’s business requirements.

Hybrid Cloud and Analytics Concepts (8%)
Identify ways the IBM storage porfolio enables cloud offerings (hybrid, private, public).
Identify ways the IBM storage porfolio enables analytics.
Identify ways the IBM storage porfolio enables security.

Job Role Description / Target Audience
The IBM Midrange Storage Specialist identifies opportunities for business and generates/qualifies demand using a consultative approach. This specialist determines and effectively uses available tools and resources to determine and sell storage solutions that meet the customer needs and requirements. This specialist has a broad knowledge of the features, functions and benefits of IBM midrange storage solutions and knowledge of competitive solutions. The successful candidate will apply their knowledge of IBM storage products to the customer’s environment in an effort to solve business problems.

The IBM storage solutions included in this exam are: hybrid storage, specifically the IBM Storwize Family (IBM Storwize V5000; IBM Storwize V7000 and V7000 Unified); IBM FlashSystem Family; midrange tape (LTO); IBM Spectrum Protect; IBM Spectrum Virtualize; SDS concepts; and VersaStack (IBM components). A basic understanding and general knowledge of IBM Storwize V3700; DCS3700; IBM Storage Cloud; IBM Spectrum Control; V7000 Gen1 Storwize V5000; and SVC are also recommended.

This specialist can perform the following tasks without assistance: determine basic product positioning across the full IBM storage product portfolio; gather customer requirements; identify and engage correct resources, including technical support, customer demonstration facilities and tools; possess general knowledge of the competitive landscape for midrange storage products; understand TCO/ROI fundamentals; articulate features/benefits/fit of IBM midrange storage products to solve customer problems; identify warranty, installation and support options; deal registration; know where to locate training materials and sales support materials (e.g., sales kits); and articulate CAMSS basics.

This specialist can perform the following tasks with assistance: drill down into solution specifics; articulate and present the configuration to the customer; mitigate competitors; develop the solution; be aware of the purpose and general capabilities of Disk Magic and Capacity Magic; be aware of the Solutions Assurance/TDA process, and where to find specific information on TDA requirements for midrange products; and articulate IBM midrange storage solutions relative to private and hybrid cloud implementations.

This specialist should be familiar with the following resources: eConfig; ePricer; competitive sales tools such as COMP database and CompeteCenter; Briefing Centers; TCONow!; IBM Systems Consolidation Evaluation Tool hosted by Alinean; IBM PartnerWorld; Migration Factory; Storage Assessments (in the Storage Playbook); Storage Playbook; and Visual Storage Intelligence.

Recommended Prerequisite Skills
Minimum 12 months practical experience selling midrange storage solutions with six months experience selling IBM midrange solutions.

The sales specialist is recommending an IBM TS7620 to achieve greater efficiency with a client’s current environment.
What is a potential benefit to the client?

A. Faster performance of their primary applications
B. Simplify legal and regulatory compliance
C. Minimize risk by sending tapes offsite
D. Higher productivity due to shorter backup windows

Answer: A

A medium-sized SMB customer with an HP EVA 6350 needs new features that the HP system cannot provide.
The general business customer asks for a solution with easy migration and the ability to virtualize the old storage.
Which cost-sensitive IBM system should seller recommend?

A. IBM Storwize V3700 with external virtualization licenses
B. IBM Storwize V3700 with full featurebundle
C. IBM Storwize V5010 with full feature bundle
D. IBM Storwize V5030 with external virtualization licenses

Answer: B

A customer has a requirement for a low cost tape library. The library must support reparation of library resources (tape drives and cartridge slots) for four different application servers.
Which tape library should the sales specialist recommend?
A. IBM TS3200
B. IBM TS4500
C. IBM TS3500
D. IBM TS3100

Answer: D

A customer has a cluster of file servers running IBM Spectrum Protect as the backup application. The client wants to reduce backup and recovery time while eliminating physical tape handling.
Which IBM storage solution meets the requirement to work like a tape library and is based on disk storage?

A. IBM TS7620 with Deduplication
B. IBM Storwize V7000 with Easy Tier
C. IBM TS3500 with LTO-6 drives
D. IBM FlashSystem V9000 with thin provisioning

Answer: A

Which resource should an IBM Business Partner representative consult for current IBM storage sales programs and incentives?

A. IBM Client Technical Specialist
B. IBM Business Partner Sales Playbooks on PartnerWorld
C. IBM Business Partner Client Executive
D. IBM Digital Technical Center

Answer: B

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