MCTS 70-620

You work as a technician for McNeil Inc. The company has a MCTS: Windows Vista. All the client computers on the network run Windows XP Professional. You want to upgrade a client computer to Windows Vista. The computer has the following configuration: Hardware Components Configuration RAM 256MB, Hard Disk Drive 8GB with 2GB free space. When you run the Setup of Vista, you get an error message stating that the computer is not compatible with Windows Vista, and that Vista cannot be installed. After the error, Setup terminates. You want to know why the installation has terminated. What will you do next?

A: Run the Dr. Watson utility.
B: Run Performance Monitor.
C: Run Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor.
D: Run Event Viewer.

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In order to get the complete report on the compatibility issue of your computer, you should run Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor. Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor is a Microsoft proprietary tool that helps users determine if their XP-based computers can run Windows Vista. This tool can also be used to determine if a computer running Windows Vista is ready for an upgrade to a more powerful edition of Windows Vista. This tool scans a computer and creates a report of all known system, device, and program compatibility issues, and recommends ways to resolve them.

The Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor works only with 32-bit versions of Windows XP and Windows Vista. Answer options A, B, and D are incorrect. Microsoft recommends running Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor to get the complete compatibility report.

What is Dr. Watson?
Dr. Watson is a diagnostic tool that takes a snapshot of the computer whenever a system fault occurs. It intercepts software faults, identifies the software that caused the fault, and offers a detailed description of the cause of the fault. Dr. Watson can often diagnose the issue and offer a suggested course of action.

What is Performance Monitor?
Performance Monitor is used to get statistical information about the hardware and software components of a MCTS Certification. Performance Monitor is used for the following:

Note: The Log view of the Performance Monitor is able to track events historically for later review. The Alert, View, and Chart views are real time views that show the current data or alert messages.What is Event Viewer? Event Viewer is an administrative utility that displays the event logs of a computer. In Event Viewer, events are categorized as follows:

Error: Events in this category show a significant problem, such as loss of data or loss of functionality. Warning: Events in this category are not necessarily significant but may indicate a possible problem in future.Information: Events in this category describe the successful operation of an application, driver, or service. Success Audit: Events in this free Cisco practice tests category show an audited security access attempt that succeeds.Failure Audit: Events in this category show an audited security access attempt that fails.

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